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Crystal Healing (or Crystal Therapy) is the practice of using crystals therapeutically, to bring about healing and to enhance wellness. Crystals have long been revered for their natural beauty, and much mysticism and magic has been associated with these earthly wonders throughout history.

Crystal Healing involves treating a person’s energetic (or vibrational) body by placing gemstones and crystals at specific energy points – also known as Chakras - on the body. Using gentle movements, hand placement or crystal wands, the healer can activate and direct the energy of the crystals, which works gently with your energy.

When working only with the crystals, Certified Crystal Healers or Practitioners are able to take you into a deep, trance-like state, working harmoniously with the Chakras and your unique energy field.

Using the hands, or wand or pendulum, healers guide and manipulate energy around your body, clearing blockage, bringing old trauma to the surface and instilling a sense of tranquility, balance and alignment.

In addition to the healing techniques described above, crystals can also be used around the home and at work (or other environments), or kept in the form of talismans, wands, and ornaments. They can even be carried around or worn to attract positive energies towards its holder.

Modern day Crystal Therapy has evolved to be a harmonious combination of ancient natural healing practices, the traditional Asian concept of energy (chi or qi) and the Hindu or Buddhist concept of Chakras, combined with Colour Therapy.


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