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Words of Love & Light



... and I am the founder of this humble healing store. Thank you for finding your way here. It truly means the world to me that life has led you to this space I regard as my heart and home.

Through my healing journey that began in 2019, I have met so many wonderful souls, who like me, needed a starting point to begin their own healing journeys, ones that we were sometimes unaware we needed. We cried, we held each other and we bonded through love. From there we lifted each other and together we were not alone in our moments of pain. 

I truly believe that we all start from being safe in our own environment and I wanted to create a virtual “safe space” where weary wanderers could feel understood, supported and comforted while they began their own healing journey.

My healing journey with crystals began shortly after diving heart first into the healing world. It was recommended by a friend and what a wondrous discovery it was! I resonated with the crystals that I picked out even without learning of their benefits initially. They say that you don’t choose your crystals, they choose you instead, and this has continued to ring true till today.

Crystals have been an essential part of my journey, mostly to heal from the emotional trauma that I endured during my adolescent years and they have been the most inspiring companions I’ve had since I began. I pursued a Certified Crystal Healing course to deepen my knowledge on how to apply crystals into my daily healing practices safely and it breathed more life into my aspirations, which became, well, crystal clear to me – and it was to share this with as many people in the community as I could.

Each and every piece that fills our Wondrously Curated cabinets are mindfully and thoughtfully chosen for your healing needs. And only those that I personally resonate with in mind, body, soul and space are procured and presented to you here. 

Love & Light.


Our Founder, Jane, obtained her Crystal Healer & Practitioner Certification on the 5th of May 2021 after completing her Certified Crystal Healer Course.

This is an international accreditation that is certified by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and the International Energetic Healing Association (IEHA), which is Professionally recognized in 26 countries worldwide under Evolve Healing Institute.

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