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The Story of
Wondrous Curations



The Cavern Of Wondrous Curations is a humble store born from its founder's love of self-healing practices, meditation and women empowerment circles, all of which have brought positive inspirations to her life.

Here, she looks to spread this positive inspiration to others, in the form of lovingly curated, ethically sourced crystals, minerals, and other artisanal handcrafts that embrace the art of healing.

We hope that here, you will find wonders you were looking for and even discover those that you weren't.


Our dreams were simple yet inspirational;

to create a safe healing space for like-minded beings and to offer ethical, mindfully curated pieces that will uplift them on their way through their healing journey.

to provide a space that is safe, free of judgement and to create a community that supports each other through empathy, compassion and love.

to heal hearts that are broken, and to empower souls that need courage and strength.



Resources that are easier to find and obtain are often mined with a disregard for ethics and true, holistic sustainability. We have made a very clear and conscious decision to not support such sources. We strongly believe in sourcing only ethically mined crystals and minerals as it is our responsibility to create a safer environment for the communities involved.

The energy that healing crystals and minerals emit are also only in their purest form when positive, respectful energy is used to obtain them. And this can only be achieved through ethical methods of harvesting them.

Ultimately, we are all part of mother earth and her divine energy, so we must do our utmost to help preserve her well-being during our time here.

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