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Oracle cards are a tool used for divination and guidance. They are similar to tarot cards in that they can be used to gain insight and understanding about a particular situation or question. However, unlike tarot cards, which have a set meaning for each card, oracle cards are more open-ended and can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Here is a guide on how to use oracle cards:

Choose your deck: There are many different types of oracle cards available, each with its own unique themes and energies. Choose a deck that resonates with you and feels aligned with your intentions.

Set your intention: Before you begin your reading, take a moment to set your intention. This can be as simple as stating your question or the topic you want guidance on.

Shuffle and choose your cards: Hold your deck of oracle cards in your hands and focus on your intention as you shuffle the cards. When you feel ready, draw a card or a set number of cards from the deck.

Interpret the cards: The meanings of oracle cards can be open to interpretation, so it is important to trust your intuition and allow yourself to feel into the message of each card. You can also use a guidebook or reference materials to help you understand the meanings of the cards.

Reflect on the message: Take some time to sit with the message of your oracle cards and reflect on how it applies to your situation. Consider what actions you can take based on the guidance you received.

Trust your intuition: Trust that the cards you have chosen are meant for you and have a message that will help you on your journey. Remember that the future is not set in stone and that you have the power to shape your own path.

Using oracle cards can be a powerful tool for gaining insight and guidance on your journey. Trust your intuition and allow the cards to speak to you, and you will be able to gain valuable insights and wisdom.


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