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A crystal altar is a space dedicated to holding and working with crystals. Some of the benefits of using a crystal altar include: focusing and amplifying energy, creating a sacred space, enhancing the energy of your home and supporting personal growth and well-being.

Choose a location: Select a location for your altar that is quiet, private, and free from distractions. This can be a dedicated room, a corner of a room, or even a small shelf or table.

Gather your crystals: Choose crystals that resonate with you and that you wish to work with on your altar. You can also include other sacred objects, such as candles, incense, or altar cloths.

Cleanse your crystals: It is important to cleanse your crystals before placing them on your altar. You can cleanse them with sage or Palo Santo, by burying them in the earth, or by placing them in sunlight or moonlight.

Set an intention: Your altar is a place to focus your energy and set intentions for your healing work. Take a moment to sit with your crystals and set a clear and specific intention for your healing practice.

Arrange your crystals: Arrange your crystals on your altar in a way that feels meaningful and balanced to you. You can arrange them in a particular pattern, such as in a circle or a grid, or you can simply place them in a way that feels intuitive.

Use your altar regularly: Your altar is a living, dynamic space, so be sure to use it regularly in your healing practice. Spend time with your crystals, meditate with them, and work with them to facilitate your healing journey.

Overall, a healing crystal altar can be a powerful and transformative tool in your crystal healing practice. By creating a dedicated space, gathering your crystals, setting an intention, and working with them regularly, you can tap into the powerful energies of crystals and facilitate your own healing journey.


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