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Crystal Grids



Crystal grids represent the harmonious arrangement of energetically attuned crystals within a sacred shape or pattern, infused with a specific intention.


This practice is aimed at manifesting positive energy and bestowing blessings upon your mind, spirit, and surroundings.


There are various possibilities and arrangements for a crystal grid, and we'll guide you through the process of creating one that is most aligned with your preference, energy, and what you hope for it to signify.

A personalized crystal grid also makes a wonderful and heartfelt gift for loved ones.

Be it for marriage, baby shower, birthday, anniversary, new job, achievement, new home, milestone, or embarking on a new adventure in life.

You can manifest an abundance of positive energy or amplify a set intention for yourself and loved ones.

What would your crystal grid look like?


Let's Begin

First of all, we appreciate your trust in us for this creation!

You may reach out with what you have in mind.

✦ Healing Energy 

What would you like the crystal grid to symbolize for you?

Love, Hope, Joy, Blessings, Fertility, Protection, Peace, or any other concept that resonates with you.

✦ Color Preferences 

Have you pictured specific shades for your crystal grid?

Blue, White, Peach, neutral tones, pastels, darker hues, or mixes of your favorite colors.

✦ Background Design 

Blank background, or a printed symbol of Flower of Life or Seed of Life?

✦ Frame Size 

What size would you prefer your grid to be in? Sizes available are listed below.

✦ Budget 

Tell us your budget range, we will do our best to work within that.

If any of these details are unclear or if you're uncertain about your preferences, please feel free to reach out.


Here's the standard price list for our custom

crystal grids in framed boxes:

• A5 & A4 sizes : from MYR300 w/o crystals.
• A3 size : from MYR520 w/o crystals.


Selected crystals will be eligible for a 10% discount (except for crystal gravels).

All of our crystal grids will feature golden metal strands wired onto a textured backing piece, presented within a white wooden frame with acrylic cover.

A deposit payment of MYR300 will be required before we begin creating your grid. (This is a non-refundable deposit)

Once you’ve confirmed your preferred grid arrangement, the remaining payment for your grid will be needed for us to start assembling the art piece. Please anticipate a waiting period of 1 -2 weeks during this stage.

The overall duration of creating a crystal grid

The entire process spans 1 -3 working weeks, but there's a possibility of a longer timeframe if the initial creation steps aren't concluded within the first week.

Do keep in mind that crafting a crystal grid is a meticulous process that can't be hurried.

If you have a specific deadline; birthday or wedding gift, please inform us, and we will do our utmost to meet your timeline.

All in all, providing a month's notice should ensure a smooth and timely delivery.

Local and international shipping arrangements

The final shipping fees (which is not included in the pricing of the grid) will be calculated once the art piece has been completed.

While we have taken great care to fasten our Wondrous Crystal Grids as securely as possible, please be aware that they remain quite fragile.


If you're located within Klang Valley, we would recommend the use of Grab Express by car (with applicable fees).

For addresses outside of Klang Valley (Malaysia) and international ones, your order will be sent by courier.


Can the grid be in various shapes?

Yes, most definitely! Grids don't need to be circular; they can take various shapes as long as they efficiently facilitate the flow of energy.

Can you make my crystals into a grid? 

We can certainly design a grid using your existing crystals. It's essential to keep in mind that not all crystals may fit within the limited depth of our frames. Do provide photos and videos of your crystals. We will assess the feasibility and design possibilities from there.

A simple way to begin is by reaching out to us, and we'll accompany you through this beautiful process.

Sending you love, light and peace ❈

Please write to us at or if you're on Instagram, reach out for enquiries or arrangements!

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