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Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Before we dive into this article and if you aren’t already familiar with Crystal healing, might we suggest that you revisit our previous article titled “What is Crystal Healing”. It will provide some clarity on the “what is” before we explore the “how to” here.

In the realm of Crystal Healing, crystals are able to provide love, support, comfort, and guidance.

They can act as a proverbial friend that puts the kettle to boil to make you that cup of hot comforting tea, while being a listening ear and holding a space of non-judgement for your struggles and pain.

Here are some of our favorite ways that crystals can become wonderful healing companions:


Crystals provide an avenue to channel energy and emotions, depending on which crystal variations you have. Clusters are great when placed in front of you while you meditate, by being a destination towards which you may channel your energy to expel any negative feelings that you are holding on to. You may also choose to receive the energy emanated by the crystal itself if you need it to empower your manifestations. As another example, Palm Stones and Tumbled Stones are great when being held in both palms during meditation, while Crystal Points placed pointing inwards and outwards on open palms are great for flowing energy internally and externally.


New Moon and Full Moon nights are great for goal manifestations, letting go of unwanted feelings, opening up to new beginnings, setting intentions by journaling, charging your crystals and crafting crystal elixirs. This lunar phase is a beautiful moment to have your crystals beside you when you embark on meditations, as your intentions are amplified further during this magical time.


Crystals are great for uplifting the energy of your physical spaces. Whether it’s a living room, kitchen, bath area, study corner, bedroom or workspace, there are unique crystals with unique energies that can serve to manifest your intentions for the space itself. For example, in the bedroom and living room, the Amethyst brings with it ideally calming and soothing energies. For study rooms and workspaces that require more focus and motivation, a Rainbow Fluorite or Citrine piece will work wonders.


Crystals are amazing mediums for setting intentions and manifesting goals. Simply have their energy around, either placed near you or by holding them while you perform your visualization meditation. For example, if you are all set and ready to work towards a big or small goal, visualize yourself having already achieved that goal, feel the emotions of being there, notice the details surrounding you when you have achieved the goal, while channeling the energy from the crystal into you to support the visualization.


Modern day Crystal Therapy is a harmonious combination of ancient natural healing, the traditional Asian concept of energy (chi or qi) and the Hindu or Buddhist concept of Chakras, combined with Colour Therapy. These practices bring with them a much more in-depth understanding of the 10 Chakra Energy points on our body, but for the purposes of this article, we shall focus on the most common one - the Heart Chakra.

To align your body’s Chakra points, you will need all 10 designated crystals at each chakra point but a simple heart chakra alignment can be performed by placing a single heart Chakra crystal in the middle of your chest.

The Heart Chakra connects with either a Pink or Green crystal, and the most suitable and accessible ones are Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Green Aventurine.

An approachable way of practicing this on your own is by creating a mental visualization of a brightly glowing pink or green flower slowly blooming from the moment the crystal makes contact with your chest. Hold this visualization until the flower is fully bloomed. Conclude your alignment (also known as Aura Cleansing and Charging) once you feel that your Heart Chakra area feels whole and filled with the pink or green light.

These are just some of the Crystal Healing methods that we personally find beneficial especially during calmer moments when we are alone with our thoughts. We do hope you find them as fulfilling as we have.


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