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I feel loved, nourished, and most of all well-rested after a fulfilling weekend of soul-blossoming with many inspiring and beautiful women during HER SACRED SEASONS | SPRING CIRCLE by Hannah ( @hannahpatricialo ) and Racheal ( @rachealkwacz ) at Ohana Jo Studio ( @ohanajostudio).

Oh, where do I begin?!

I had a wonderful time reconnecting with past sisters from other circles and making new connections during this one.

We made crowns together, discussed our deepest fears, shared vulnerable moments, and lifted each other up. We cherished our sacredness, recognized the matchstick girl in us, and accepted our differences wholeheartedly. Hannah and Racheal reminded us again and again that we must believe, dream, and chase the life we want.

It felt like hope, love, and pure femininity. All of us were one in that circle. It would not have been the same without one light, and our little pods would not have been the same without that person. We came together because it was meant to be.

Throughout the evening to night, we were nourished with the most delicious food by Beth ( @bdsamuel ), graced by the talented Nadia of @wildwomansphotography, and her biggest heart for us, capturing our most precious moments together. Jasmine ( @heyjnrjh ) always took care of us, our needs, and made sure that we had the best.

These are the women I’ve grown with, learned from, and flourished beside! Words cannot describe how I feel, or how grateful I am to have crossed paths with them. Four years ago, I started my healing journey with these faces and four years later, we blossomed so beautifully together.

Thank you for such a lovely evening and let us all blossom like flowers in Spring!

Love and light,


PS : I'll have more photos of us very soon from Nadia and will add them here once we've all received them! Till then, head over to our Instagram for some photos, videos and reels of the event at @wondrouscurations


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