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The variety of types and shapes that crystals and stones are harvested in is wonderfully vast, and behind each beautiful variation is a holistic diversity of meanings, energy properties, and usage methods.

Crystal types are essentially based on their compositions, where you’ll find names like Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Selenite, Citrine, and etc. We’ll touch on these types in a separate article. For this article specifically, we’ll be looking at the shapes that crystals come in.

Ultimately, choosing a crystal shape (and even crystal type) should come down to the ones you feel most drawn to on a personal, emotional level.

It is worth acknowledging that each and every one of our relationships with crystals will be unique. Admittedly, my own personal experience with crystals has revolved around a select variety that I resonated most with. This variety may have been quite diverse, but there are still crystal shapes out there that I have yet to intimately discover as well. Therefore, this article will focus on crystal variations that I am most familiar with!


Small chunks of stone are tumble polished to give them a smooth and shiny surface. Although, some contain rough surfaces as the nature of the crystal does not allow it to be fully polished. Their forms are irregular and sizes vary but generally they are smaller stones between 2cm - 5cm.

Meaning: All-purpose and radiates energy gently in every direction.

Uses: Carrying with you, placed in bags, in bowls around the home, placed directly on the body or chakras. Also ideal for all types of crystal grids. They are more affordable than other forms and a good place to start with a new type of crystal.


Palm stones are consistent in size and proportion. They can be circular or oval shaped and small enough to fit in the average palm size. An alternative to tumbled stones if you prefer to have a bigger stone that’s easier to hold on to.

Meaning: All-purpose and radiates energy gently in every direction.

Uses: Palm stones are perfect to hold during meditation due to their size. They are ideal for all types of crystal grids as well.


Crystals that are cut into a pointed shape or a crystal that has a natural point, which is cut flat at the base to allow it to stand. Like all points, they direct and focus energy out from the tip.

Meaning: They help in amplifying energy and our intentions.

Uses: Raises the vibration of the space. Place them on your altar or within any sacred space. Standing Crystal Points are good for gridding the corners of a room or your home. They also make excellent crystals for the central stone in any crystal grid. During meditation, channel the energy of the crystal by placing them each lying down onto both palms, one facing inwards and the other outwards to encourage the inward and outward flow of energy.


A crystal sphere is cut and polished to be perfectly round.

Meaning: Spheres radiate energy smoothly and evenly in all directions. They can also slow down and neutralise harmful or unbalanced energy. They are connected to the Earth, Sun, Moon and other planets as well.

Uses: They can be passed through the aura in crystal healing or held over the chakras. Sphere’s will need a stand for display or a correct-sized bowl to be placed in, they bring a peaceful and grounded energy to the home. Place them in the centre of crystal grids for earth healing, harmony, protection or psychic development.


This is a personal favourite crystal shape! All crystal clusters are raw and natural. They may have been broken down to smaller pieces by mining tools but mostly remain in their original shape. Crystal clusters and geodes have strong vibrational energies due to having many points combined together. Raw unpolished crystals that do not have any points will vibrate as a whole.

Geodes, raw cave-like form, have all of their terminations located on the inside. Sometimes geodes are cut at the base so they can be placed standing up.

Meaning: Each little point within a geode emits its own energy, making the inside of the geode very powerful.

Uses: Perfect for charging or cleansing tumbled stones or small crystals.

Clusters have points of all different shapes and sizes that typically terminate in different directions. Each cluster is special and unique in its own way; no two clusters are ever the same.

Meaning: The points in a cluster vibrate together harmoniously to bring positive energy and transmute negativity in any space they are in. They can also help us feel more energized mentally and physically as well as support us in decision making.

Uses: Cleanse larger areas such as a whole room or living room. Meditate in front of a cluster to raise vibrations and achieve higher states of consciousness. Place other crystals inside a geode or on top of a cluster. Clusters can perfectly hold spheres or other small crystals. A beautiful way to display your wearables, but it will also cleanse and charge it if it is a wearable piece of crystal.


- Double Terminated Crystals

- Crystal Slabs

- Crystal Bowls

- Crystal Wands

- Crystal Pyramids

- Worry Stones

- Crystal Eggs

- Crystal Pencils

- Freeform

- Double Terminated

- More

We look towards exploring these shape variations more intimately once we have them in our possession!

Hopefully you’ve found this article useful and enlightening on your journey! But do allow us to conclude this article by reminding you that, ultimately, choose a crystal shape based on what you feel most drawn to!


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