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First of all, a warm welcome to the inspiring world of crystals!

We hope that this will unravel into a truly incredible discovery for you, as it has been for us over the years. Embrace the light that these natural wonders can bring into your life and they’ll take you on a journey that we can only describe as magical!

My journey into Crystal Healing started when a friend introduced me to her Amethyst and the rest, as they say, was history. I resonated with the crystals that I picked out even without learning of their benefits initially. They say that you don’t choose your crystals, they choose you instead, and this has continued to ring true.

The beautiful thing about crystals is that there are not bound by objective conclusions. It is all about intuition and feelings, and setting the right intentions.

It is acknowledged that all crystals and stones are unique - both in appearance and energy. Crystals are selected for healing based on their energetic properties, which is usually determined by their colour ‘feelings’, as well as their metaphysical associations. For example, thanks to their beautifully clear and transparent properties, Clear Quartz crystals bring with them the ability to channel ‘clarity’.

You should, ideally, be attuned to your own inner feelings when you are getting acquainted with a crystal that resonates best with you. Pay attention to your intuition and you will likely find yourself with the following emotions:

You are instinctively attracted or drawn towards the crystal

You feel a certain calmness and peace while looking at the crystal

Your heart palpitates and it was “love at first sight”

You are moved beyond words, tears or felt comfort akin to that of a warm hug

Your body tingles with excitement

The crystal speaks to you; an affirmation, assurance or words of comfort

And it is through these emotions that you will be able to choose a crystal that’s best aligned with you.

However, if you feel lost in terms of being guided intuitively, you could explore crystals that you feel drawn to based on their benefits and healing properties. The energies of different crystals are well documented and will provide some guidance on getting the right one to bring into your mind, body, soul and space.

Start with one or two so as to not overwhelm yourself. Once you are familiar with having crystals in your space, you will be ready to welcome more into your life.

Most importantly, have fun!

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